Flemington Recreation Centre campaign

I have been campaigning for more recreation amenities in Balbriggan. As well as being active in the community in general and the north Fingal pool campaign in particular, I have developed a campaign that has won significant support. The land next to Flemington Community Centre has been vacant for a long time and it is a waste as well as a bit of an eyesore.

Vacant land next to Fleminton Community Centre and Castlemill Shopping Centre

I am asking people to sign the petition calling on the council to buy this land and develop it for recreation or community purposes. Below is an image of a minipitchi in Seabury, Malahide. The minipitch can facilitate football, basketball, volleyball and even tennis. Such a development at this site at the centre of a community in which there are over 3,000 houses within a ten minute walk, would be a major boost.

Minipitch facility at Seabury in Malahide.

It is necessary especially because so many housing estates in this area do not have green spaces yet they have a huge youth population. The owners of this land are the local Muslim Community. They bought the land with a view to developing their own community centre on this site. However, they are now looking to sell the land.

It is zoned for housing and I for one, do not think it is an appropriate site for housing. Furthermore, the land at the back of the Educate Together according to the 2017-23 county Development Plan is zoned open space, but it now has 18 houses on this site. This strengthens our case as a community to develop the vacant site for community and recreation purposes.

Please sign the petition and share with your friends https://my.uplift.ie/petitions/flemington-recreation-centre-campaign

The council asked for our opinions on ‘Our Balbriggan’. Let them hear your voice.

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