The Social Democrats are ambitious for Ireland’s future. We want Ireland to be a republic in which every person has opportunity and dignity.

We are a new party, unhindered by the past and the old style of politics. The most prosperous, inclusive and progressive countries on earth are social democracies.

We believe Ireland can join this group, and that a great many Irish people want us to. We know that a strong, creative, prosperous, fair, equal and democratic country – in which all children have the opportunity to achieve their potential – is not just an aspiration. It can, and should be, Ireland’s reality.

Irish people are tired of short-term thinking, stroke politics, electoral bribes and power that refuses to be held to account. We call for open and transparent government. Honest politics that works in the best interests of the people and not the party or the selected few.

We are asking people to join us in building a new politics that reflects the best of Irish culture. We are asking you to join us, to help build a Republic of Equals.

We believe local government has a vital role in improving our communities.  Through local government, we can address key priorities including the following:

– housing that is affordable for rent or to buy

– recreation amenities

– town planning

– sustainable development

– social inclusion and integration

More information about

Social Democrats policy is at www.socialdemocrats.ie

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